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Super Hero Squad Online Description

A huge world awaits you filled with superheroes and villains that you are familiar with from the Marvel Universe. Leap into a game filled with adventure and fun as you save the world...


Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Well now you can, simply by playing Super Hero Squad Online. Choose a hero to be and start taking on the bad guys as they are constantly harassing the innocents who live in the peaceful Super Hero City.

Almost all of your beloved heroes from the Marvel Universe are included in Super Hero Squad Online. Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Hulk, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic – the list continues and you can choose to step into their shoes and save the city.

Every superhero has their own powers in Super Hero Squad Online. Depending on which character you choose to play, there will be a wide variation in powers that are available to you. Does shooting shoulder mounted rockets sound fun to you? Perhaps you would rather be lightening fast... The choice is yours.

Not only can you adventure solo in Super Hero Squad Online, but you can team up with others as well. Because it is an online game, Super Hero Squad Online has hundreds, if not thousands, of players online at the same time. Team up to take down some of the baddest guys around if you find yourself struggling with a villain.

Super Hero Squad Online is designed with children in mind. Parents can register their children to play the game and there are many features to keep your child safe. For example, there is a “Canned” chat feature which allows you or your child to only use pre-determined phrases and emoticons. You can also manage whose friends list you appear on and accept or deny any friend requests that come your way.

Live the life of a superhero and save the city from some of the most famous villains in history. Super Hero Squad Online gives you the chance to be anyone from Iron Man to Elektra and experience the adventures of the Marvel Universe right from your computer.

by Kyle Hayth

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